On Saturday 28 held in Fuenlabrada, the I Napoleonic Re-enactment of the popular revolt against the French invader.
From 1807, until the liberation of Madrid in 1813, there were large presence of French troops stationed in and around Madrid. Even in the beginning, when the French came as allies, were frictions betwen the french troops and the population. In Leganés was a major garrison, that had to be maintained by the municipality and the nearby villages. When people did not provide the supplies, they proceeded to pillage the town. In the case of Fuenlabrada it was sacked on four occasions, the worse in August 22, 1812 in which price half of the population of the village.

At 11 we were concentrating on the Constitution Square, opposite the town hall, greeting the comrades of other re-enactment groups and preparing equipment.

Our beautiful Vivandiere

Once everyone was ready, we form and we were marching to the Spain square.

Parade into battle

In the square there was a crowded market where civilians had gathered, with a French patrol guarding the area. The tension was evident, the years of occupation with continuous friction, did not augur well. A gesture, a look and a comment and the accumulated pressure bursts, the French patrol was stabbed in the square, but a soldier manages to escape.

We were in the relief column and we lost this part, but  you can find some great videos of this part in the Facebook  of Manolo Sevilla
A relief column reached the square and with the support of a piece of artillery, tries to crush the revolt. The peasants defended themselves  bravely, but his fate is sealed. They resist to the last breath and caused great damage to the french troops.. The few prisoners were shot in the same place, the first mayor of the town.

The Bailen guys making noise


Reducing the last pockets of resistance
Family photo


We could enjoy a great atmosphere, and we know new friends, we hope to repeat the next year.

Best regards.

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