This year we have had few members of our asocicación with full equip to go to the recreations, we want to thank our comrades of Lerma for hosting us in their group (Grenadiers of the 34th) in the recreations of the we have seen this year.

18/04/2014 – Burgos: White Night.

Parade through the city from the Castle to the Cathedral. Recreation of the assault to the castle.

We participate with 2 Grenadiers 34th.

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8 y 9/06/2014 – Lerma (Burgos): Reenactment of the Battle against “Los hombres del cura Merino”.

Fighting in the streets of Lerma.
We participate with 2 Grenadiers of the 34th + 1 Canteniere.


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21/06/2014 – Vitoria: Tribute to General Álava.

Guard and escort to the tomb of General Álava during the tribute, in the cemetery of Santa Isabel. This tribute was made in collaboration with the Association Historical Vitoria 2013.

We participate with 3 Grenadiers of the 34th + 1 Rifleman of Castile.


28 y 29/06/2014 – Vitoria: 2th International Historical Reenactment of the Battle of Vitoria.

Reenactment of the Battle of Vitoria in Armentia

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Encampment sites (bivouacs) in Olárizu.

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Parade through the center of Vitoria and tribute at the monument to the Battle, at the Virgen Blanca square.

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Reenactment of the Battle of Vitoria in Olárizu.

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We participate with 3 Grenadiers  of the 34th + 1 Canteniere + 1 castile Rifleman + 2 French gunners + 10 members in the organization.

8 y 9/08/2014 – Hontoria de Valdearados (Burgos): La Francesada

Recreation of the looting of the ville by French troops including, burning the church, looting of homes, capture and execution of priest, and capture the Mayor of the Village.

Recreation of the ambush practiced by “Hombres del cura Merino” when the french troops left the ville. Subsequent execution of the french survivors of the ambush.
We participate with 4 Grenadiers of the 34th + 1 Canteniere + 1 Rifleman of the Cura Merino.

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29 a 31/08/2014 – Almeida (Portugal): Recreation Fortified siege of the Plaza de Almeida.

Battle in the pit and explosion of magazin of powder (Fireworks). Recreation of the assault and capture of the town. Distribution of decorations with the assistance of the civil and military authorities.
We participate with 3 Grenadiers of the 34th + 1 Cantiniere.

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17 a 19/10/2014 – Cabezón de Pisuerga (Valladolid): Recreation of the battle for the Roman bridge.

Recreation looting of the population by the French troops. Battle on the banks of the river, retreat of the Spanish-English troops. Participation in the various tributes and acts performed in the villa.
We participate with 3 Grenadiers of the 34th + 1 Canteniere.


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22/11/2014 – Somosierra (Madrid): Reenactment of the Battle of Somosierra.

“Vela de Armas” and performing night patrols Saturday,to remember those the spanish soldiers make while waiting for the French army. Visit the battlefield of Somosierra and tribute acts to the fallen on both sides, in chapel and hall of the ville, with assistance from local authorities and Madrid, who imposed honorable mentions and awards.

We participate with 1 Grenadier of the 34th.


In 2013 we were not even constituted as an association, but the events related to the bicentenary of the Battle of Vitoria, served as a trigger for the creation of the association and therefore have included here, because we felt like part of them.

21 June  2013 – Recreation in La Puebla de Arganzón.

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22/23 June 2013 – Reenactment of the Battle of Vitoria in Armentia.

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