The Association already has been a time working, in the investigation, diffusion and promotion, of the Battle of Vittoria and of all the historical, social and military factors. For that reason in 2013 and 2014, the I and II Historical Recreation the International of Battle of Vitoria 1813 were celebrated.

We want to strengthen and to give to continuity to this biennial event (the even years, not to overlap with Waterloo), for that reason in agreement with the city council, the last weekend of May has been defined, as fixed date for the next years.

The City council of Vitoria-Gasteiz and the Diputación of Alava, would contribute their indispensable collaboration to the event. On the other hand, the needs to fund the event and in spite of the lack of a direct financial support on the part of the Institutions, have been obtained, the necessary financial support in the private sector.

Therefore I have the pleasure to announce that 3ª Historical Recreation the International of Batalla de Vitoria 2016, will br the days 27, 28 and 29 of May 2016, in the fields of Olárizu, as finishing act of the IV the Napoleonic Week of Vitoria, anticipated from the 21 to the 27 of the same month, with a cycle of conferences, cultural exhibitions and other activities on Napoleonic subjects.
Shortly we will communicate more information of the organization of the event, as well as  the conditions and aid to the reenactment groups. All those groups that wish more information can contact us, in the following mail.


You are all guests to this event. We hoped to see you in May.